Formerly Sourlis-Algozine Masonry Restoration, Inc

122 S. Michigan Ave • Chicago, IL
Algozine Masonry Restoration, formerly Sourlis-Algozine Masonry, is a family owned and operated company that has been restoring buildings for over 50 years. Our reputation in Chicago is as one of the top historic and commercial masonry restoration firms. We have successfully repaired some of the finest buildings in Chicago, including, Chicago Water Tower, Chicago Avenue Pumping Station, The Rookery, Manhattan Building, Jackson Towers, Old St. Patrick’s Church, and the Santa Fe Building.
We employ only the top union craftsmen in the industry. The average seniority among our craftsmen is 15 years service, which is 15 years with our company. Each craftsman has completed a four year apprenticeship program. Our construction expertise includes historic, commercial and high rise residential restoration. Our craftsmen have extensive experience in the restoring and repairing of terra cotta, brick and limestone materials. We are proud to stake our reputation on the quality craftsmanship and character of our employees.

Rookery Building • Chicago, IL

P: 800-673-2567 • F: 800-673-3494
2000 N. Lafayette Ct. • Griffith, IN 46319